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CTEK vs Battery Tender – Which, When & Why to Use?

CTEK Battery Chargers vs Battery Tender – would you expand the life of your battery through a licensed de-sulphation work or choose to change from full charge to skim charging mode to keep up your battery?

Self-discharge is a phenomenon in batteries where inward concoction responses lessen the putaway charge of the battery with no association between the anodes or any outer circuit. Self-discharge diminishes the time span of the usability of batteries and makes them at first have not exactly a full charge when really put to utilize. Regarding battery chargers, we will be discussing two of the most popular car battery chargers, the CTEK vs Battery Tender.

How quick self-discharge in a battery happens is subject to the sort of battery, condition of charge, charging current, the surrounding temperature, and different components. Essential batteries aren’t intended for reviving among assembling and use, in this way have battery science that must have a much lower self-discharge rate than more established kinds of Secondary cells, however, they have lost that preferred position with the advancement of battery-powered Secondary Cells with exceptionally low self-discharge rates like Low Self Discharge Nickel Magnesium Hydrate cells.

Self-discharge is a concoction response, similarly as shut-circuit discharge seems to be, and will, in general, happen all the more rapidly at higher temperatures. Putting away batteries at lower temperatures along these lines decreases the pace of self-discharge and jam the underlying energy put away in the battery. Self-discharge is additionally thought to be diminished as a passivation layer creates on the terminals after some time.

Highlights and Advantages of CTEK

CTEK Battery Chargers can expand the life of your battery through a licensed desulphation work. Keeping sulphation in a lead corrosive battery under control can expand the life of your battery as much as 3x its typical life. The interesting reconditioning steps will enable your battery to recuperate rapidly and last more. Making it an extraordinary charger to keep your pontoons, autos, jet skis, bikes, snowmobiles, and trucks energized and all set when you are all set. These charges won’t just recondition a battery however they can even restore a dead battery now and again.

CTEK Smarter Chargers will likewise appropriately keep up your battery through a progression of pre-customized steps found in the charging calculation of every single CTEK Battery Charger. The one of a kind charging process utilized in these chargers will always screen your battery to comprehend the present condition and afterward act likewise.

Highlights of a Battery Tender

Maybe it’s nothing unexpected to you that the organization named “Battery Tender” offers a standout amongst other battery chargers available. The organization has a wide scope of contributions, yet the Battery Tender Plus is our best by and large pick. This is a 1.25A battery charger that is intended to completely charge a battery and keep up it at legitimate stockpiling voltage without the harming impacts frequently found with stream chargers.

Included with the Battery Tender Plus is a brisk associate shackle, alongside ring terminals and dog cuts. The voltage line length estimates 6 feet, while the DC cable is 4.5-feet long.

What makes the Battery Tender Plus the perfect battery delicate is that it consequently changes from full charge to skim charging mode to keep up your battery. The organization additionally incorporates a noteworthy 10-year guarantee.

What are the types of Battery Chargers?

Basic Charger

A basic charger works by providing a steady DC or beats DC power source to a battery being charged. A basic charger normally doesn’t change its yield dependent on charging time or the charge on the battery. This basicness implies that a basic charger is cheap, yet there are exchange offs.

Frankly speaking, a basic operating charger takes more time to charge a battery since it is set to utilize a lower charging rate to reduce any chances of unknown damage. All things being equal, numerous batteries left on a basic charger for a really long time will be debilitated or crushed due to over-charging. These chargers likewise fluctuate in that they can supply either a steady voltage or a consistent current, to the battery. Basic AC-controlled battery chargers, for the most part, have a lot higher wave current and wave voltage than different sorts of battery chargers since they are cheaply structured and manufactured.

By and large, when the alternating current is inside a battery’s maker suggested level, the wave voltage will likewise be well inside the prescribed level. The most extreme wave current for an average 12 V 100 Ah VRLA lead-corrosive battery is 5 amps. For whatever length of time that the wave-current isn’t exorbitant, especially more than 3 or more times the battery producer prescribed level, the normal existence of a wave charged VRLA battery will be inside 3% of the life of a steady DC-charged battery.

Smart Chargers

A smart battery is commonly characterized as one containing a type of electronic gadget or “chip” that can speak with a savvy charger about battery attributes and conditions. A shrewd battery, by and large, requires a smart charger and a shrewd charger is characterized as a charger that can react to the state of a battery, and adjust its charging activities in like manner.

Some smart chargers are intended to charge:

  • “smart” batteries.
  • “dumb” batteries, which come up short on any inside electronic hardware.

The yield current of a smart charger relies on the battery’s state. An intelligent charger may screen the battery’s voltage, temperature or time under charge to decide the ideal charge current and to end charging.

Pulsating Chargers

A few chargers use beat innovation in which a progression of voltage or current pulses is nourished to the battery. The DC beats have a carefully controlled ascent time, beat width, beat reiteration rate (recurrence) and abundancy. This innovation is said to work with any size, voltage, limit or science of batteries, including car and valve-managed batteries. With heartbeat charging, high momentary voltages can be applied without overheating the battery. In a Lead–corrosive battery, this separates lead-sulfate precious stones, hence enormously broadening the battery administration life.

A few chargers use pulses to check the present battery state when the charger is first associated, at that point utilize consistent current charging during quick charging, at that point use beat charging as a sort of stream charging to keep up the charge.


Keeping your vehicle’s battery healthy is critical. In addition to the fact that it saves you cash over the long haul from not having to rashly supplant your battery, you won’t need to manage the burden of your battery startlingly kicking the bucket. From the start, battery tenders may have all the earmarks of being a similar thing as a battery charger, however, they fill an alternate need.

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